ROC Analitik – Always One Step Ahead

Based on the satisfaction of our customers, we continue to offer you the quality you are looking for.

ROC ANALYTICAL LAB EQUIPMENT INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE CO. LTD. was established in 2008 in Bakırköy under the name Roc Medical Technology Industry and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. Since its establishment, the company has embraced supporting innovative research and studies as its principle. In line with this, it has collaborated with manufacturers from both domestic and international markets to provide the highest quality devices, chemicals, and consumables to our customers.

With our 25 years of industry experience, we have become one of the most recognized and reliable companies in the sector through successful deliveries in Turkey and neighboring countries. Today, our company continues to offer our customers the most suitable products with our vision and expertise. Our infrastructure and capabilities enable us to stay one step ahead in meeting the increasing demands of the laboratory sector.

We, as a company,

  • From the very beginning until today, we have prioritized the satisfaction of our valued customers and provided you with the quality you seek.
  • We have embraced innovation, which is the fundamental characteristic of our industry, and always pursued what is new.
  • By adding the speed of technological advancements to our service, we aimed to be there for you whenever you needed us.
  • Ensuring our confidence in the products we import before presenting them to you has become one of our core principles.
  • We have never left any laboratory unanswered, be it related to the environment, agriculture, biology, textiles, or food. We have fulfilled all your needs without any omissions.
  • Above all, we have cherished collaboration with you, and we have always been mindful of it.